Panasonic EW1611W Ultrasonic Oral Irrigator

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Panasonic EW1611W Ultrasonic Oral Irrigator

EW1611W Ultrasonic Oral Irrigator uses Ultrasonic Technology to provide high water pressure. This washes away food debris in periodontal pockets and interdental areas with powerful water flow.
EW1611W features 10 level water jet adjustment to help interdental cleaning it removes bacteria and food debris, periodontal pocket cleaning and gum care for comfortable, intermittent stimulation.

Key Features:

Ultrasonic Technology:

The sophisticated Ultrasonic Technology and the new nozzle shape increases the speed of water flow and generates micro-bubbles. When these bubbles burst, they create shock waves which removes food debris from the teeth.

Smart Irrigating:

The EW1611 fully adapts to your dental routine. It is able to memorise which of the 10 water flow strengths you previously used to fit exactly the right pressure for your teeth's sensitivity for comfortable irrigating.

Longer Usage time:

The 600ml water tank allows sufficient jet washing time and limited refills while irrigating and is fully dishwasher safe*.

Please note: *Tank only, not the other parts of the product.

Max. Water Pressure: 646 kPa
Water Pressure Settings: 10 ck
Water Characteristics: Ultrasonic Technology
Reservoir Capacity: 600 ml / 115 Seconds
Voltage: 100-240 V
Power Source Type: AC
Dish Washer Acceptability: Tank Only
Size: 125×140x200 mm
Weight: 950g

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