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Oh, we know it when we feel it. When the pressures of life start to add up on top of one another and stress starts to build our bodies sure knows how to alert us. Every function and system of our body responds to stress, though at relatively normal levels this response can be a good thing. Stress helps us to get things done and motivates us to act. Our stress responses actually help to keep us out of dangerous situations. However, when stress becomes overwhelming it actually becomes dangerous in itself. The American Medical Association has stated that stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all ailments that affect humans on a daily basis. Problems caused by stress include ulcers, depression, paranoia, insomnia, immune system dysfunction and muscle tension. Those under extreme stress can also suffer from heart disease, diabetes and stomach and digestive disorders among many other ailments and disorders. 

Mr. Medic would like to help you relieve some of that unhealthy stress. Not only do we offer convenient shopping for all of your family's needed health care products but we carry a number of items that help to reduce the effects of stress. We carry a full line of relaxation aids that are sure to soothe tired muscles, drain tension and relax the pressure you may be carrying around with you. We welcome you to casually browse through our selection - no pressure - to find the perfect implement that will help you to achieve a more relaxed state of being. 

29th May 2014 Admin

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