Reasons to Add a Waterpik Flosser to Your Dental Routine

It's hardly a secret that flossing should be an integral part of a daily dental hygiene routine. Flossing helps prevent gum disease and promotes good oral health. But floss can only do so much for those with dental implants or orthodontic work. Proven to be much more effective than floss is the water flosser by Waterpik. The benefits of using a water flosser include:

  • Reduction in periodontal infections. The pulsating action actually expels bacteria from periodontal pockets which traditional flossing does not do.
  • Reduction in gum inflammation. Because bacteria is expelled from the pockets, less swelling, redness and bleeding of gums occur. 
  • Help for those with diabetes. Diabetics suffer from gum disease at a higher rate than the general public. A water flosser allows sufferers of diabetes to decrease their occurrence rate of gingivitis by 44%.
  • They are safe for use with dental implants. Implants can create areas that are difficult to reach and that allow bacteria to grow. The use of a water flosser allowed for dramatic reductions in plaque, bleeding and gingivitis.
  • Superior cleaning of braces. Water flossing makes cleaning between brackets and bands easy and is more effective than simple rinsing and flossing. 
  • More thorough removal of plaque. The hydraulic forces produced by a water flosser can remove biofilm serveral micrometers thick.

At, our number one priority is to supply our customers with the best dental care products available on the internet today. The Waterpik water flosser is just one example of the superior products that we choose to offer our customers because of its reliability and high quality. We invite you to browse our website for your family's dental health care products today. 

26th Feb 2014 Admin

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