Health Care Products That Soothe and Relieve Pain

Heat therapy has been used for centuries as an effective form of pain relief and healing. Tired, sore, stressed and even injured muscles all benefit with the application of heat treatments and is often the most effective, drug-free way to experience quick relief. 

The use of wheat bags for heat therapy has recently grown in popularity because of their many advantages. Wheat has superior insulation qualities because of its cellular makeup and holds heat longer than traditional hot water bottles. Wheat bags are easily shaped and can be fitted snugly against most body parts including necks, knees, backs, elbows and ankles. Wheat bags can be both heated and cooled for the best in pain relief and natural reduction in inflammation, decreasing healing time for most muscle injuries. Simply heat your wheat bag in the microwave for soothing warmth or place in the freezer when needed for its cooling qualities. 

At Mr. Medic, we understand that when we've injured or stressed our muscles that its important to not only gain relief from our symptoms but to feel comforted and cozy. Our cuddly zoo animal wheat bags provide the kid in all of us a comforting friend who not only keeps us company but truly makes us feel better. Both the tiger and camel provide the benefits of wheat bag heatpacks and are microwaveable. Try these little friends the next time you need pain relief and a special friend. 

As an online provider of dental care and health care products, Mr. Medic continually strives to provide quality products that are affordable and dependable. Browse our line of more than 3,500 health and dental care products online for the best prices available online. 

29th Apr 2014 admin

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