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Improving the quality of life through proven and effective health care products that are affordable and conveniently available is the number one priority of every associate at We are always dedicated to searching out those products that aid our customers in overcoming health maladies and offering solutions to persisting problems. A number of our customers unfortunately experience hair loss and are left to frantically search for answers for their hair loss problem while trying to avoid the stigma of baldness. 

Those who suffer from hair loss know the frustration that helplessly watching your falling strands can elicit. Reasons for early hair loss in both men and women can vary and include diet, allergies, genetics, health issues and medications. Preventing further hair loss when it is first noticed is key in keeping a lush head of hair. Though there are various products for hair loss on the market, we believe in the efficacy of NaturVital's shampoo and tonic treatment. Containing germinated wheat and soy seeds, NaturVital combats the first signs of hair loss and nourishes the scalp by giving it the energy needed to strengthen and protect hair during growth phases. Available in 200 ml size at, NaturVital is recommended for those searching for a natural product to combat further hair loss. Use two-three times per week in conjunction with Naturvital Shampoo and conditioner for best results.

At we strive to only provide those health care products that are proven effective. If you don't find what you're looking for, please email us at and we'll do what we can to meet your health care product needs. 

3rd Feb 2014 Admin

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