Better Dental Care With Interdental Brushes

Though most dentists recommend flossing twice a day as part of a good dental routine, there are those that have difficulty in fulfilling this dental treatment. Sometimes, dexterity issues, dental apparatuses or oral health problems make flossing difficult or ineffective. In these cases, the use of an interdental brush can be beneficial. 

Interdental brushes are dental tools that are comprised of a handle and a wire bristle brush. These tiny bristles come in a variety of sizes specifically designed to fit within spaces between the teeth. Cleaning these spaces, and in between gums and dentures where flossing can't effectively reach, interdental brushes provide better oral hygiene on a daily basis. Those with wide spaces between their teeth can also benefit from using an interdental brush as dental floss cannot effectively remove food or plague as thoroughly. Interdental brushes also provide better cleaning capabilities for those who wear braces. The bristles of an interdental brush clean between brackets and tooth surfaces where even a regular toothbrush can't reach.

At, we carry a full line of dental care products including interdental brushes in a variety of sizes. The Tandex Flexi interdental brush is unique with its flexible grip and is offered in 9 different brush sizes and in a variety of colors. Other makers include Braun, Tepe, Vision and Wisdom interdental brushes. 

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10th Apr 2014

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