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Innovative Health Care Products that Help Monitor Blood Glucose

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Diabetes is a growing problem within the United States with 1.7 million new cases being diagnosed in adults older than 20 years of age in 2012. These new cases bring the total number of Americans living with the disease to a staggering 29 million, according to the American Diabetes Association. The health effects of diabetes accounted for $245 billion in medical costs. Complications experienced by diabetics include heart disease, kidney failure, vision impairment and blindness, loss of extremities, stroke and premature death. Because of the health issues caused by continued high blood sugar, monitoring blood glucose levels is of extreme importance to diabetics. 

Medisana GlucoDock is an innovative diabetes management tool that allows easy and convenient blood glucose monitoring that is reliable and simple. The GlucoDock Module simply attaches to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad for quick, accurate, on-the-go monitoring. With measuring time taking only a short 5 seconds, results are readily available using only a small sample of blood. Results are saved for better long-term health monitoring and allows for comments through a diary function. 

Available at Mr. Medic, the online source for dental care and health care products, the Medisana GlucoDock is just one of the many quality health care products found at the best prices through mrmedic.com. We are the trusted online site with an inventory of thousands of quality health care products. Find your health and dental care product needs by browsing our site today. 

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